Meet Your Mechanics in 2022

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Meet your mechanics in 2022

Ten years ago, I met my lifetime mechanic.

Growing up in an all-female household, John the Car Man, as we called him, was my family’s go-to without question and so, when out on my own in a brand new city, I searched a while for someone I could rely on for my own vehicle. Garrett was recommended by some business owner friends, and I knew he was my car guy by my Honda’s second oil change. Of course, seven years later, I fell in love with him, two more years and I work alongside him at the shop, and while I don’t expect this to be your story, I do believe that building a relationship with a quality shop or technician you click with is how you’ll get the best care for your vehicle. And, lest we forget, we rely pretty heavily on our vehicles. So, in 2022, we’re going to introduce you to the amazing team at Stellar Autoworks, in the hopes that you find the mechanic you identify with.

– Cana P., Director of Hospitality & Marketing at Stellar Autoworks


Our 11th birthday present

<image> The new Stellar Autoworks exterior entry sign, in brushed aluminum, cheerily greeting visitors above two snow-dusted winter planters in red pots

The Stellar Woven Star logo was designed by Renaissance man and Twin Cities native Erick Toussaint to kick off our revamp in 2021. Initially overshadowed by other options, there was something hauntingly badass in this design that left us each thinking about it when we should have been sleeping. Taking cues from vintage V8 emblems (and, that red racing stripe is a must), we think it’s at once classic and contemporary…kinda like us.

<image> Stellar original and 2020 logos; retro V8 emblem; Stellar Woven Star logo 2021


Intelligent AND good-looking

<image> Stellar staff: Garrett. Jason L., Brandon, Tim S., Jason D., Sam, Greg, Hanna, Cana. Not pictured: Tim Q., Jax

Who are we, really?
What is our purpose for existence?

Lucky for you, existentialism isn’t as hard as everyone thinks it is.

Who are we? We’re Stellar Autoworks, a group of success-driven, creative-thinking individuals brought together by the desire go fast and fix things. (Most of us.) And, appreciation of fur-clad chins in all weather. (Most of us.) But, most of all, we have high standards for our own work and big goals for bettering our industry. In short, we just want to do it better. All of us. Why do we exist? To make your life easier! Our tagline isn’t “service made simple,” for nothing. Tim dreamed of a better, more convenient shop that produced high-caliber repairs and made it easy for parents and hard-working professionals to get this essential task crossed off their to-do list.

Tip of the month

Yes, let your car warm up before driving in our winters. Though debates exist for one-minute max, there are several systems to care for in a car, and each have different reactions to our subfreezing temps. Like sprinting for miles without stretching, we see the effects of many clients who still skip this simple consideration. For the long term health of your vehicle, we recommend letting your car warm up for 5-15 minutes to condition ALL the parts and fluids of your car before you’re ready to drive away.

He got an A+, right?

Stellar Autoworks was just a school project. Tim Swiontkowski, an aspiring pilot with a tinkering soul, wrote a business plan in college around an auto repair shop that was better than anything he’d ever experienced. Two years (and some career clarity) later, it exists! Stay tuned: More on Tim S. in February’s newsletter…

Service made simple.

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