Meet Your Mechanics, vol. 2: Boss Man!

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I believe that building a relationship with a shop or technician you click with is how you’ll get the best care for your vehicle. And, lest we forget, we rely pretty heavily on the vehicles in our lives! So, in 2022, we’re going to introduce you to the amazing team members at Stellar Autoworks, starting with our fearless founder. -Cana P., Director of Hospitality & Marketing


Tim Swiontkowski

Swin – COW – ski

President of Stellar Autoworks

“The O and T are silent.”
“Yes, I have a beard now.”

Things Tim has said, a lot

Yes, we do actually call him Boss Man.
We have a tech named Tim, too, and Swiontkowski isn’t really a casual nickname.


Always ready to save the day!

<image> Boss Man wearing a red cape with the Stellar woven star logo, speeding away out my office door

Our staff is particularly proud of our leader. Rarely do you find a level-headed visionary. He sees big AND small picture, operates with integrity and intelligence, and everyone here knows that if there’s anything we need, we can go to him for help. We think that’s pretty badass.

“Well, it also makes you a better person, though. See, the goal is to train my people in a way so they can go anywhere and do anything- but, treat them in a way that they don’t want to go anywhere else.”

– Boss Man, on work-sponsored education

Associative words that scrolled along the bottom of the page:
…Tria * trebuchet * cardboard * camp * Trello * hockey * Audi * upscale hoodies * slap coozies * espresso…

<image> And, then, there’s a screenshot of Boss Man’s world map showing all the locations around the world, in yellow dots, that he’s traveled, highly concentrated throughout the U.S., up the west coastline of Canada, throughout western Europe, into the Pacific Ocean and a few sprinkles in Africa and Asia.

Tim has traveled to over 70 countries and states and has lived in Tanzania, Switzerland, Washington and Tennessee. Want an unforgettable adventure? “Skiing or parasailing in the Swiss Alps.” How about a great beach? “Nevis by St. Kitts in the Lesser Antilles.” Road trips not your thing? “You’re just not driving the right car.”

<graphic> TIM + AUDI in a heart

<graphic> A stick family graphic with man, cat, boy, boy, woman, cat. The cats are sitting alert, with their friendly tails up, and frankly, are stealing the show.


<image> Boss Man in coat and hat, smiling as he drives the Zamboni on the ice between periods of a Minnetonka Youth Hockey Association game

Forklift? Check.
Airplane? Check.
Zamboni? Check check.

In a parallel universe, he’d probably be flying a FedEx cargo plane right now.

His dream vehicle is an Airstream Interstate 24GL: equipped + kid friendly


<image> Boss Man studio shot, “driving” a red paper car around on the wall

Took his BMX bike apart at age 13. Quickly found it was too easy. “I like how things work; there’s not enough machinery in a bicycle to keep me occupied.” At age 16 started working on vehicles. Went to school for aviation, but found it too structured. In business school, Tim dreamt up Stellar Autoworks. It started as a make-believe company for a business plan assignment: he imagined a better auto repair shop. Years into his automotive passion, Tim found out his biological father was a Ford mechanic for 20 years. “Cars are in my blood.”


<image> Boss Man manning the audio/visual on his computer while filming Shop Foreman, Garrett, for an instructional video

A whiz at geek tech, Tim can run audio-visual on training videos, whip up an automated spreadsheet like nobody’s business, and find computer solutions to work smarter on any front. Part natural ability, part headfirst-dive-into-learning how to, he is his staff’s go-to support source, and has even started teaching his swift-biz, time-saving methods to other high-caliber shops around the country. Go, Boss Man!

BONUS: Playlist Alert!

Favorite Spotify playlists include Chill Beats, Fatboy Slim, Dr. Dre, Post Malone and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Find these playlists, along with more staff favorites and carefully curated mood enhancers, on the stellarautoworks Spotify profile.

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