Meet Your Mechanics, vol. 3: Garrett!

In 2022, we’re introducing you to our Stellar staff- not just because we’re awesome and like to talk about ourselves, but because we believe that building a relationship with a shop or technician you click with is how you’ll receive the best care for your vehicle.

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We continue introducing you to the people behind the garage door, so you can build a better relationship with your car care team- which means better service for you and your vehicle. Now, I’m not gonna say I have a favorite on our team, but I do go home with this guy every night…

“He loves hearing the word ‘impossible’ and then proving people wrong.”

-Cana P., Director of Hospitality & Marketing

Meet Garrett, Shop Foreman

“I refuse to sacrifice quality.”

<image> Garrett in the studio, four sequence shots of him pretending to drive pretty fast, and it’s pretty clear he’s making car noises while doing it: the power shift shot, the turn left shot, the turn right shot and the one arm on the wheel laid back looking cool shot

“I love anything that you can go fast or do something stupid in, or on, and I love pushing its limits, which naturally brought me to modifying cars and motorcycles. And, if one modifies or uses something to its limits, they should probably learn how to fix the things they break if they plan on playing with their big boy toys that hard.”

Thanks, Mom & Dad!

<image> Garrett, gazing up at his giant tool box as it sits atop a tow truck flatbed, on Stellar move-in day

“I credit a lot of my success to my dad’s strong work ethic and driving into my brain that if you’re going to do something, do it right. I work hard and I do it to the best of my abilities, no matter what. My mom’s free spirit has been inherited. And love that I can go through life dreaming up big dreams without effort.”

Car Tip of the Month

Swapping out your tires this spring? You can get twice the life from your seasonal tires when you regularly rotate them. To keep up on it, just ask for a tire rotation when you schedule your oil changes.

When I grow up…

“When I was little all I wanted to do was anything that got me a Ferrari and a Ducati. I never aspired to be anything specific. And my goals are still pretty much the same except I’d rather have a Lamborghini now.”

Dream Car

Koenigsegg One:1

<graphic> Various associative clip art images: hands busting out of the ground: Transformers mask; zombies; boob tube tv with 80’s graphic; Deadpool tee; Swiss Army knife; campfire; tent with tree; geode and rocks; fishing

Wrong? Never 😉

<image> Garrett on his teenage treasure, a BMX bike, behind his youngest son, on a tricycle, soaring down the driveway in glee

“Once, when I was just starting out, I had to do a major repair on the engine of a minivan. It was fixing an oil leak that required taking a lot of the engine apart. The repair went well, but I forgot to put oil back in it when I was done. Needless to say, after driving it around and letting it run for a bit to make sure there weren’t and more oil leaks, the engine locked up… destroyed…and we had to put a new engine in it… The worst part? It was the owner’s ex-wife’s minivan. Whoops! Lol. I’ve never forgotten to fill any fluids from that point on.”

The G-Files

<image> Garrett in a welding mask, welding a sunflower sculpture from old car parts

In his spare time (ha! spare time…good one), Garrett welds quirky characters and decorative objects out of found antiques and discarded car parts. His airbrush projects include motorcycles and electric guitars, he makes wicked forts and built our cedar coffee table by hand. A former Boy Scout, he still loves hiking, mountain biking, camping and agates and is always prepared for the unexpected. His cat is named after Enzo Ferrari. He hasn’t named his fish.

TV Personality

<image> Garrett in the forest

  • Zombie anything
  • MacGyver
  • “Deadpool is my favorite.”
  • The Transporter
  • Night Rider
  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • The Chronicles of Riddick
  • Transformers
  • Marvel anything

Dream Vacation

Bora Bora

<graphic> Stick figure family: Fish, man, cat, boy, boy, plus sign, woman with afro holding a flower


What does a positive, ambitious ADHD guy listen to? Why, EDM, of course! What else could be so calming and focused?

“It’s like going to the orchestra, I like to pick out all the individual sounds in the music.”

Check out “Garrett’s EDM Mix” on Spotify at the stellarautoworks profile.

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