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Stellar Autoworks: Service made simple.

Convenience, Quality and Accuracy in auto repair and maintenance since 2010

Tim Swiontkowski,
Owner & President of Stellar Autoworks

Our philosophy:

Hire skilled and experienced staff who are good and decent people

Give them the equipment and training to perform to their true potential

Treat our clients the way we’d want our moms to be treated

Share your knowledge and

(And, try to have a good time, would ya?)

“Ask any teenager, they’ll tell you:
Driving is freedom.”

– Cana, Stellar Autoworks

Yes, it is possible to love your mechanic!

A car is an extension of your family, a staple in your household that you depend on daily to whisk you away, on a whim, to wherever you want (or need) to be.  We all know that keeping your car in good health, just like your body, is the key to preserving that freedom.  It’s just that so many of us have had (or heard) a less-than-positive experience with auto repair.  

Where the industry’s reputation has failed vehicle owners, we strive to succeed.  Yes, it is possible to love your mechanic!  Even when the idea of Stellar Autoworks was just a twinkle in the eye of Owner & President, Tim Swiontkowski, he has striven to create a BETTER auto shop experience- for both our customers and our employees.

Our clients find a lifelong home in Stellar Autoworks and the people supporting its excellence.  Why?  Well, just read the reviews.  They find they have an ally in their Service Advisor, someone they can really talk to.  They find peace of mind after their visits, and knowledge in the health of their vehicle, so they feel equipped to make decisions for the long haul.  They find a supportive staff, 21st century conveniences and surprise delights in the cleanliness and accommodations of our spaces.  They find fair pricing, a warm welcome and expertise in their repairs.  They find real people, doing their actual best to find solutions.  And, they find that their vehicle drives happier when well cared for.

Our customers choose Stellar Autoworks because they find an auto repair shop they can depend on.  And, their appreciation- your appreciation- fuels us to do it even better the next time.

We invite you to discover the difference at Stellar Autoworks and, hopefully, find your lifelong mechanic.