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We can help you manage your business’s fleet maintenance and repair.

Cargo Vans

Yes, we can help you maintain a healthy and reliable fleet with regular care and quick repairs of your Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, Mercedes Sprinter and more.

Small Box Trucks

Yes, we’re knowledgeable and equipped to handle many of your small box trucks! Let us know the vehicle lineup in your fleet and how we can help.

One Ton / Diesel Trucks

Yes, we can help you maintain your one ton work trucks, including Ford Super Duty, Chevrolet Duramax and RAM Cummins pickups.

You want convenient fleet service?
You’ve found us. Now, let us help you manage it all.

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By the time you type “Fleet service near me,” “diesel repair Plymouth” or “fleet auto services,” you’re probably already in need of a fleet maintenance mechanic.  Of course, it’s possible that you run a company that has delivery trucks or catering vans, or maybe depend on your HVAC van, plumbing van or landscaping truck as your mobile shop-on-wheels. Did you get a flat tire on your Dodge Ram ProMaster cargo van? Is the check engine light on your Dodge Is your super duty truck making a grinding noise in the engine compartment and you’re mind is racing with thoughts of transmission replacement? Kinda hard to do your job without your truck, eh? And, yeah, we know, it sucks sometimes doing the “business” side of business. Fortunately, we can help you take the “management” of fleet management off your plate. And, here’s another set of “air quotes” just for fun.

I’m looking for a Mercedes Sprinter service near me.

Great! We do that here. We’re blue collar, too, and know your day depends on your equipment being in top working order.

I’m looking for Dodge RAM ProMaster fleet maintenance.

Great! We do that here. We’re blue collar, too, and know your day depends on your equipment being in top working order.

I’m looking for an auto shop to work on my Ford Transit van.

Great! We do that here. We’re blue collar, too, and know your day depends on your equipment being in top working order.

I’m looking for fleet service in Plymouth, MN

Well, look no further: Stellar Autoworks services fleet vehicles!

Not only are we equipped to handle your cargo vans, small box trucks and one ton pickup trucks, we will individually tailor a maintenance plan to make caring for your business vehicles EASIER ON YOU! You’re welcome.

Why is fleet maintenance so important?

Oh, wow- excellent question! To answer that, here’s an anomaly that rings especially true in auto repair: Spend money now to save money later.

Keeping up on the preventative maintenance of your fleet vehicles regularly means that little problems don’t have to become BIG problems (with big price tags) down the road. Because Stellar Autoworks will give your vehicle an exam with every oil change, keeping up with this simple and inexpensive service two to four times a year is the best way to keep your fleet vehicle in its best working order, and you’ll soon have a complete picture of the health of your entire fleet. From there, we’ll help you recognize and prioritize the fixes of any wear and tear parts on the horizon so you can plan ahead. Emergency repairs? Crap. Well, they happen. We’ll take care of them and get you back on the road quickly. Add a tire swap twice a year for the safest and most efficient driving in every season, and your business- and fleet- will be running like a well-oiled machine.

Cheap fleet service near me

Oh, ho ho, my friend. We are proud to NOT be a cheap fleet maintenance shop. Rarely do cheap and BEST go hand in hand, eh? And, did you know we were voted BEST REPAIR SHOP in 2022 by Wayzata readers for the Sun Sailor Reader’s Choice Awards? Yep, that’s right! And, do you REALLY want a cheap shop to handle the RAM ProMaster transmission replacement when you need to rely on your cargo van NOT blowing up on the side of the road when you’re driving to your client’s house? I don’t think so, my friend. Put your trust in the BEST. BEST comes with text communication, photos and videos of your vehicle, Grade A technicians who continually train to stay relevant, valet pickup and delivery service, one-click approvals, 24/7 key exchange, dad jokes and gooood coffee.

Trucks repair near me

There are a lot of ways to say this: Stellar Autoworks provides excellent fleet auto service. If you’re searching for fleet auto repair in Plymouth, MN, and you want quality parts, technicians who know their stuff, accuracy and even some help juggling the logistics of how and when to take care of them, well. Good thing you’ve found Stellar Autoworks! Not only do we work on all makes and models of your personal vehicle, but our business clients searching for, oh I don’t know, say “fleet mechanic,” or “Mercedes Sprinter service near me,” will find a reliable partner in Stellar Autoworks.