Flip flops are to June as winter tires are to January.

Like appropriate footwear, seasonal tire swaps just make sense.

“Worth every penny. You know?
Winter is tough enough, already.”

– Cana, Stellar Autoworks

Tire Swap & Storage

Twice per Year

Plan to invest in a set of winter tires and a set of tires for the summer season.  In late spring and fall- perhaps at the time of an oil change and vehicle health inspection- plan to swap out your seasonal set in preparation for the coming road conditions.

Seasonal vs. All Season

Though a healthy set of all-season tires are an option for those who prefer to keep it simple, we live in the Midwest, and our weather changes are extreme.  We believe best practice here in the Twin Cities is to outfit your car with season-specific tires, just like you would the shoes on your feet.

Convenient Storage

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