$50 Full Synthetic Oil Change!

Yep, you read that right, Stellar Autoworks has a new everyday oil change price! Just drop it off and we will take it from there!

Up to 5 quarts of synthetic oil. Other exclusions may apply

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We understand that virtually nobody looks forward to oil changes, but in order to keep your vehicle maintained correctly, you must have an oil change service performed regularly.  Stellar Autoworks is the oil change location of choice if you want a quick oil change but still have the confidence in a full service center. The fewer surprises your car throws at you the better, and Stellar Autoworks in Plymouth, MN wants you to know just how important your oil changes are.

The oil in your engine is essential for the performance and longevity of its lifetime. Not only does motor oil lubricate moving parts, by minimizing friction, but it is also used as a hydraulic fluid to actuate such things like intricate variable valve timing components.

Every engine has unique requirements for the type of oil that is needed. You will find needing everything from conventional oil changes, to full synthetic oil changes being offered as a service for your vehicle. Here at Stellar Autoworks we feel that using a Full Synthetic oil instead of a Synthetic Blend oil or a Conventional oil is the best thing to offer our customers.

When an oil change is neglected, the oil becomes overly saturated with dirt and debris. These small particles can start to wear out bearings and clog the small oil journals, causing the bearings to become hot. Neglecting it longer causes the oil itself to break down and coagulate, clogging the passageways  that feed oil to the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system. 

What are the other benefits of a regular oil change?

  • Improved engine performance: Clean oil creates a smoother running engine because all of the timing components can move freely. A smooth running engine will not only perform better, but will also be more fuel efficient.
  • Happy engine = happy driver, and you know what that means… “Spirited Driving”
  • Oil break down: When motor oil deteriorates it loses its ability to lubricate engine components and dissipate heat. When the oil becomes hot it creates carbon deposits which can turn into debris, clog up areas and create build up. The
  • Warranty: Most of the time warranty contracts will require regular oil changes to be performed and documented in order to prevent voiding the warranty contract.

Routine engine oil changes are clearly a benefit for the performance of your engine through the VVT system, but why is lubrication so important for your engine and what are bearings? Engine bearings might not be what you are imagining in your head, as there are no ball bearings in an engine. Engine bearings are flat, smooth pieces of metal with a small groove to allow a small amount of oil pass between them. This small layer of oil is the only thing separating your crankshaft or camshafts from

Now the Stellar Autoworks offers an affordable oil change, it will be much easier to care for your vehicle. Even high mileage engines can benefit from synthetic motor oil. It might not be cheap oil, but it will allow for longer intervals between changes than conventional motor oil, so the cost per mile isn’t as high.

I hope you can see why oil maintenance is such a priority for your vehicle. The next time your car is ready for an oil change, let the experts at Stellar Autoworks handle it. We will help you prioritize your vehicle maintenance so you can avoid inconvenient and costly breakdowns.

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