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Pickup / Delivery Options

One of our signature conveniences, and a customer favorite, is our Concierge Door to Door Service.
If stepping away from work or home to bring your vehicle to our shop is a challenge for you, consider scheduling a Concierge Door to Door pickup. For no additional charge*, we will send a Stellar team member to come get your vehicle, leave a courtesy loaner car for you to drive in the meantime, and deliver your vehicle back to you when services are complete.

Concierge Door to Door Service is available for most appointments. Please schedule in advance.

Here’s what you should know about Concierge Door to Door Service:

  1. For use of a courtesy car at no charge* we’ll need a Loaner Form Waiver completed prior to your appointment. 
    Waiver highlights include:
    • You are the only authorized driver
    • You must be age 21+
    • Valid driver’s license and current (non-expired) insurance information will be collected
    • No smoking, alcohol, or pets in the vehicle
    • Please replace the gas spent during your use*
  2. Pickup 9am-11am
    • A member of our hospitality team will reach out between 9am-11am that morning to confirm key exchange details and give an ETA prior to heading over.  Please watch for communication during this time.  If we can’t reach you, your appointment may be delayed or rescheduled.
  3. Delivery 1pm-3pm (if same day)
    • Services must be paid for prior to delivery.  If payment is delayed, the delivery of your vehicle might not happen until the next morning.

*Loaner car value of $75/day is waived with paid service. However, we do request that you replace the fuel spent during your use. If fuel is not replaced, you may be assessed a charge of $7/gallon. If Loaner Form Waiver agreements are not adhered to, you may be assessed a $250 cleaning fee. If loaner car is not returned within 24 hours of completed service, you may be assessed rental value of $75 per additional day.
Thank you for being respectful of your loaner vehicle so that we can continue to offer this convenience.

Fleet Services

If your business or nonprofit provides work vehicles, we invite you to let us help you manage their care and maintenance, from sedans to cargo vans, one-ton pickup trucks to box trucks. Together, we can create a customized management plan and rebuild a healthy and reliable fleet. Our Fleet Services page provides details.


We get it: auto repair can get expensive. Whether you need a little extra time to pay for your maintenance package or you get hit with an unexpected bill for a new transmission, the BOSCH Car Care credit card is an option for everyone. An application can be emailed or texted to you right at the counter. If approved, you will have a virtual credit card number to use on your repairs within minutes.

Here’s what you should know about the BOSCH Car Care credit card:

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Don’t worry: your expense is covered.

You’re automatically covered


Stellar Autoworks
Limited Lifetime Warranty

We proudly stand behind our work.  Because we believe in the high quality of parts we install and workmanship we perform, and to thank you for your commitment to us, we make this commitment to you: we will replace, repair or refund defective materials or workmanship performed at our shop for as long as you own the vehicle.  Limitations apply; details, terms and conditions are below.

2 Year/24K Mile
Nationwide Warranty

What’s Covered?
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Warranty coverage services listed in text form here

Stellar Autoworks Limited Lifetime Warranty

Brake System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– Brake Lines & Hoses

Brake System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– ABS Control Module
– ABS Motor
– Brake Pads / Rotors*
– Brake Shoes / Drums*
– Caliper(s) Wear Sensor(s)
– Wheel Cylinder(s)

*Coverage is for any defect in manufacture only. Warranty does not cover normal material wear.

Engine Cooling System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– Accessory Drive Pulley(s)
– Belt(s)
– Belt Tensioner
– Coolant Level Sensor
– Fan Blade(s)
– Fan Clutch
– Line(s) and Hose(s)
– Water Pump / Pulley

Engine Cooling System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– Fan Module
– Radiator
– Recovery Tank
– Thermostat

Engine Performance System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– Flywheel
– Ignition Coil Module
– Internal / External Ignition Coil
– Mass Air Flow Sensor
– Throttle Body
– O2 Sensor(s)

Engine Performance System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– Dual Mass Flywheel
– Spark Plug(s)
– Unlisted Vehicle Sensor(s)
– Engine Control Module
– Powertrain Control Module
– Transmission Control Module / Valve Body

Electrical System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– Alternator
– Door Lock Actuator
– Ignition Switch
– Starter & Starter Solenoid
– Wiper Motor

Electrical System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– Antenna
– Fuses and Fuse Block
– Harness(es)
– Radio
– Socket(s)
– Wiring Repairs
– Battery Terminal
– Connector(s)
– Ignition Lock Cylinder
– Relay(s)
– Switch(es)
– Transducer
– Bulb(s)

Mechanical Drive Line* System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– Axle Shaft Seal(s)
– Camshaft Seal(s)
– Cylinder Head Gasket(s)**
– Front Crankshaft Seal
– Oil Pan Gasket
– Output Shaft Seal(s)
– Timing Cover Gasket
– Valve Cover Gasket(s)

Mechanical Drive Line* System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– Clutch Replacement
– Transmission Pan Gasket
– Unlisted Gasket(s)
– Unlisted Seal(s)
– Turbocharger
– Intake Manifold Assembly
– Oil Pan Assembly
– Valve Cover Assembly

*Must maintain or change powertrain fluids at intervals recommended by Stellar Autoworks
**Cylinder Head & Engine Block Warranties will vary depending on specific Manufacturer coverages

Exhaust System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
[no applicable services]

Exhaust System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– Additional Gasket(s)
– Catalytic Converter / OEM
– Clamp(s)
– Exhaust Manifold
– Hanger(s)
– Muffler – bolt on only
– Piping
– Resonator
– Tailpipe

Fuel System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– Pressure Regulator
– Throttle Body

Fuel System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– Filler Pipe
– Fuel Level Sensor
– Fuel Pump / High Pressure
– Fuel Pump / Low Pressure
– Fuel Rail Injector(s)
– Carburetor
– Fuel Cap
– Fuel Line(s)
– Fuel Tank

HVAC System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– A/C Compressor
– A/C Condenser
– A/C Condenser Fan
– A/C Evaporator Core
– Blend Door
– Blend Door Actuator
– Blower Motor Resistor*
– Blower Motor / Wheel*
– Heater / Core

HVAC System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– A/C Accumulator
– Hose(s)
– Orifice Tube
– Thermostat
– Valve Core
– Fitting(s) / Connector(s)
– Gasket(s) and Seal(s)

*Must maintain or change cabin filter at intervals recommended by Stellar Autoworks

Steering & Suspension System services covered under Lifetime Warranty:
– Adjusting Sleeve(s)
– Ball Joint(s)
– Center Link
– Coil Spring(s)
– Control Arm Bushing(s)
– Control Arm(s)
– CV Shaft(s)
– Drive Shaft
– Fluid Cooler
– Idler Arm
– Inner/Outer Tie Rod End(s)
– Intermediate Shaft
– Pitman Arm
– Power Steering Fluid Reservoir
– Power Steering Pump
– Rack & Pinion / Steering Gear
– Slip Joint
– Stabilizer Link(s)
– Steering Knuckle
– Steering Wheel or Steering Column
– Support Bracket(s)
– Sway Bar
– U Joint(s)
– Wheel Bearing(s)

Steering & Suspension System services covered under Standard 24mo/24K Warranty:
– Shock Absorber(s)
– Strut(s)

Terms and Conditions


This Limited Lifetime Warranty (“Warranty”) is between you, the “Owner” of the vehicle listed on the repair invoice (“Covered Vehicle”), and S Autoworks LLC dba Stellar Autoworks (“Stellar”).

This Warranty is personal to you, the Owner, and nontransferable to any future owner of the Covered Vehicle. This is also a limited lifetime warranty, which is subject to the limitations outlined below.

Stellar warrants that repairs and services performed at a Stellar location will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This Warranty only applies to Stellar-provided and installed parts and services (“Covered Repair”). This Warranty only applies to defective parts installed and repairs made on the date the Covered Repair was performed (the date on the Covered Repair invoice). This Warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated because of your actions or inactions, including, but not limited to, vehicle misuse or abuse, normal wear and tear, commercial use, failure to perform ongoing vehicle maintenance and service, or third-party or DIY repairs or service. In addition, any Warranty time or mileage limitations are calculated according to the date of your original repair and/or your vehicle’s odometer reading at the time of service and noted on your repair invoice. However, any time limitations will be extended by the number of days your vehicle is undergoing a Covered Repair, and this Warranty will not expire while your vehicle is undergoing a Covered Repair according to this Warranty’s terms.

If this Warranty applies, as determined by Stellar in its sole discretion, Stellar may choose to replace the defective parts and/or make remedial repairs at no charge to you or refund the Covered Repair invoice amount minus any previously refunded amounts and/or value of previously performed remedial repairs.

In no event will the total value of the Covered Repair or amounts paid under this Warranty exceed the amount you paid for the original repair or service (the invoice amount associated with the Covered Repair). In addition, if you choose to have non-warranty work performed at the same time Stellar is providing warranty work, you expressly agree and understand that you are responsible for the payment of all non-warranty services.

If the Covered Vehicle breaks down within a twenty-five (25) mile radius of a Stellar location, you agree to return the vehicle to a Stellar location for the Warranty work. If the Covered Vehicle breaks down outside of a twenty-five (25) mile radius of a Stellar location, then you may take the Covered Vehicle to an unaffiliated repair shop; however, for this Warranty to apply, you must obtain Stellar’s prior written approval before having any diagnostics or repairs performed. You are responsible for the expense of transporting the Covered Vehicle to a Stellar location or unaffiliated repair shop for repairs.

If you receive Stellar’s approval to have an unaffiliated repair shop conduct the necessary diagnostic tests and make the Covered Repair, you are responsible for paying the unaffiliated shop for the diagnostic tests and Covered Repair. You must then bring a copy of the itemized repair invoice and your payment receipt to a Stellar location within ninety (90) days the Covered Repair to be reimbursed for the approved Covered Repair, otherwise, Stellar, in its sole discretion may decline to honor this Warranty. In no instance will Stellar reimburse you for diagnostic tests or repairs unrelated to the Covered Repair Stellar authorized the unaffiliated shop to perform.

As this Warranty covers most, but not all parts and repairs, and the coverage for parts and repairs may vary based on the specific parts installed and repairs made, please ask us for a current list of the Covered Repairs and associated time and mileage limitations. You can also find a current list of Covered Repairs and associated time and mileage limitations on our website above: see “What’s Covered?” This Warranty specifically excludes commercial vehicles, which are vehicles used primarily for business and not personal use, auto body, paint, molding, tires, and glass repairs.

For this Warranty to apply, you are also required to provide proof (service receipts or other documentation identifying your vehicle, the date of service, and the service performed) that you are properly maintaining your vehicle, if the repair you want covered could be caused by improper vehicle maintenance, as Stellar may determine in its sole discretion. At a minimum, you must show proof that you are following all manufacturer recommendations regarding service and replacement intervals for your vehicle’s fluids and parts. If you use Stellar for all your vehicle service and maintenance requirements, then Stellar will have your vehicle’s complete service and maintenance record. You are also responsible for making sure that your vehicle’s warning lights and gauges are functioning, and that you immediately respond to and/or turn off your vehicle when a warning indicator is comes on.


If a Covered Repair is due to a manufacturer defect and Stellar performs a Covered Repair associated with that defect, you give Stellar’s agent authority to collect from the manufacturer any amounts related to the defect and Covered Repair, as well as assign to Stellar all your rights to and in such amounts. In addition, you expressly agree to cooperate with Stellar in enforcing your rights as it relates to any defective manufacturer part. You also agree that if Stellar pays for Covered Repair, you assign to us your right to recover the cost of the Covered Repair from any third party. You may not impair Stellar’s right to recover or waive your right to recover without Stellar’s prior written approval.

You agree and acknowledge that this Warranty is binding upon your heirs, executors, administrators, and other legal representatives.

Should any provisions of this Warranty be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to violate or contravene any applicable law or policy, such provision will be severed and modified to the extent necessary to comply with the applicable law or policy, and such modified provision and the remainder of the provisions hereof will continue in full force and effect.

You agree that any delay or omission on the part of Stellar to exercise any right under this Warranty will not operate as a waiver of such right or any other right; and that a waiver of any right of Stellar on one occasion will not be construed as a bar to or waiver of any right on any future occasion.

Stellar may discontinue or amend, in whole or in part, this Warranty at any time, in its sole discretion, and without notice to you.

You acknowledge and agree that this Warranty will be interpreted under and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota without regard to its conflicts of laws rules, and you consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the Hennepin County Judicial District, State of Minnesota.

If any act at law or in equity is necessary to enforce or interpret the terms of this Warranty, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

If you have any questions regarding this Warranty or receiving approval for an unaffiliated shop repair, please do not hesitate to contact Stellar’s General Manager, by calling 763.208.7989 or emailing No other Stellar employee or agent has the authority to approve a third-party repair or change or waive this Warranty’s terms or conditions.

Partner Vendors

Our skills and service offerings are pretty amazing, but we understand that we can’t do everything you may want for your vehicle. We have you covered. We’ve searched for many years to find the right people that we can trust and be proud of to refer our clients to. Ask us about our preferred Twin Cities vendors for towing, detailing, collision body work, glass replacement, tinting, audio, performance and more.

Tire Storage

Lugging your seasonal tires to a shop every spring and winter can be such a chore. Make that one less thing to worry about by storing them with us. When you’re ready to make the swap just give us a call and let us do the heavy lifting. This is a great option for urban apartment dwellers and households with caretakers, multiple vehicles or limited storage space.

Reports with Pictures

I’m not saying you WON’T get a selfie of our techs in your repair and inspection notes, but you will get insight into the state of your vehicle thanks to exterior shots of the body, images of scan tool readings, tire tread depth and wearing parts…a full picture of health. (Eh?  See what I did there?)
If you’re really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of our LEGO figures working away…

Texted / Emailed Estimates

As our service manager once said on the phone,
“We don’t put a wrench to a car until we tell you what the price is going to be.” 
The beauty of our digital reports and estimates is that you can access them in the middle of the workday, review the photos, recommendations and prices right there on your phone or computer, and approve the work (or not) with one click.  21st century conveniences mean we will communicate with you the way you like.  Maybe that’s a phone call; we applaud human conversation.  But, if you’re stuck in an executive meeting, at least you know you CAN sneak your phone under the table and see what’s going on with your repair.  We won’t tell your boss.

Quality Parts

Not all parts are made equal. We’re picky. Why waste great workmanship on sub-par equipment? That’s why we only use OE (original equipment) and OE equivalent, high quality parts in all vehicles serviced with us. We choose to buy from brands that we are confident we can stand behind, and we know our clients can rely on once they drive away.

Voted BEST

Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who have voted us “Neighborhood Favorite” on Nextdoor in 2021 and “BEST Auto Repair Shop” in Sun Sailor in 2022. We’re so grateful for your support and happy to know that, as we strive to be our best, our efforts are being appreciated. Thank you!