Who’s working on my car?

Don’t underestimate the importance of knowing who’s caring for your investment.
At the end of the day, we’re all just people…people you’re gonna love.

Tim – President

aka Boss Man

“See, the goal is to train my employees so that they can go anywhere and do anything- but, treat them in a way that they don’t want to go anywhere else.

– Boss Man

Why we love him:

He’s a happy-go-lucky guy who is always looking for ways to break ground and make what exists BETTER. A generous leader who works his team’s talents into the mix, he’s a tech nerd whiz kid at heart, lighting up with words like “automation,” “formulas,” and “spreadsheets.” A true visionary, he sees opportunities everywhere he looks.


The Zamboni Guy
(Yes! He gets to drive a Zamboni!)

What you wish our customers knew:

“I wish they knew that Stellar was out of the norm with the level of benefits that are provided to employees. Boss Man is not filling his pockets with profits, but making sure employees are taken care of.”


They say a team is only as strong as its weakest link, right?  So, everyone here has to live up to the Stellar standards of excellence.  Each individual has a very particular set of skills to contribute to the overall strength and success of the team.  YOUR team.

Jason – General Manager

aka Black Beard, aka Cooler Jason

Why we love him:

Gruff on the outside, tender on the inside. When you need someone in your corner, Jason’s as strong a teammate as they come. Fiercely loyal and reliable, he’ll take on whatever comes his way and will get the job done right. Plus, he’s pretty funny, but don’t tell him we said that.

Secret talent:

“I make a mean brisket.”

Get him talking:

About LEGOs. Or, motorcycle road trips. Or, anything, really. Jason’s brain is one of those that holds facts about the most random subjects.

What you wish our customers knew:

“Shopping by price alone is not the right way to pick a mechanic.  Period.  Because not everything is equal. That, and a lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on my part.”

Garrett – Shop Foreman

Why we love him:

Unconventional, when you say it nicely…but, what he confidently talks, he walks. Garrett has a cult following among his customers and a reputation for solving the problem when other shops can’t. His goal as a leader is to make sure everyone gets everything they want. Impossible, you say? Ha! He loves hearing the word impossible and finding the way to make it happen, anyway.

Rose colored glasses:

He sees happy creatures in clouds and ink blots, that’s why his recycled car part sculptures are usually figures.

What you wish our customers knew:

“I wish they knew how not easy this is at this point.  S**t is getting more and more complicated every day with cars, and it’s constantly changing. ‘Just to look at it?!’ takes 20 minutes and thousands of dollars worth of tools- just to get an idea of where to start.”

Cana – Hospitality & Marketing Director

Why we love her:

Cana was voted “Most Likely to Brighten Someone’s Day” back in high school, and though she won’t be explaining your transmission’s torque and output anytime soon, she loves to hear about your road trips and family history. She represents the customers’ eyes and ears in our shop- a role rarely imagined in the auto industry- and exists to make sure each and every person who walks through our doors is warmly welcomed and understood.

Her one weakness:

“I can’t fake accents. Pretending to be British or Australian is just embarrassing- I’d never make it as a spy.”


What you wish our customers knew:

“Too much to fit into one thought. Just…you have no idea the amount of personal dedication (and money!) these guys invest into solving other people’s problems for a living. So, tell your friends about us, please! My team deserves to be seen. They’re the ones who are worth it.”


Greg – Technician

aka Old Greg, aka 5-star

Why we love him:

Greg is the colleague you always wish you had: an introvert, he flies under the radar by choice, but what he does say is wit-sharp and funny; he is a steady and dedicated worker; and, you can’t shake his easygoing attitude. Nothing gets the man down. I mean, he lets out some obscenities during really challenging work, so you know he’s human, but most of the time he’s just going, “Shoot, uhhhh, gosh, this thing,” like Napoleon Dynamite.

Dream wheels:

2019 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster and 90s Subaru 2.5 RS (Green one, the unicorn)

How much can you bench?

“No idea.”


What you wish our customers knew:

“Hmm…I don’t know…I would say how to fix their own stuff, but then I wouldn’t have a job.”

Nicole – Service Advisor

Why we love her:

She sounds sweet, but this girl is tough and could probably hold her own in a street fight. Nicole grew up managing her dad’s auto shop, and has the advanced common sense to both skillfully manage shop chaos and also to take a break from that much family. She’ll pool those talents to translate complicated car talk for you and make repairs match your real life goals.

Randomly generated tip:

“When using laundry detergent you really only need 2-3 TBSP per load (for a regular soil level). This will help keep your clothing from getting stiff and matted and also can help with sensitive skin.”


Count on her to:

Celebrate with you. Whether it’s donning a festive holiday sweater, baking a birthday cake, or clinking to a Tuesday full of accomplishments, she’s down to cheers with you.

What you wish our customers knew:

“If your vehicle was made in the 21st century, you do not need a tune up. A tune up is plugs, wires, cap and rotor. If your car does not have a carburetor please do not ask me for a tune up.”


Woven Star – Logo

Our 11th birthday present

As much a part of our team as anyone, the Stellar Woven Star logo was designed by Renaissance man and Twin Cities native Erick Toussaint to kick off our revamp in 2021. Initially overshadowed by other options he presented, there was something hauntingly badass in this design that left us each thinking about it when we should have been sleeping. Taking cues from vintage V8 emblems (and, that red racing stripe is a must), we think it’s at once classic and contemporary…kinda like us. We’re proud of our Woven Star, who does some pretty heavy lifting to represent everything we stand for.

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